Hall of Impossible Dreams

From /r/WritingPrompts, a story about a detective with the ability to find lost things, whose internal radar has rescued children and discovered buried treasure, helping a nun who has lost her faith.

From /r/WritingPrompts, a story about two artificial intelligences falling in love: one AI, the world's most flawless antivirus software, and the other, the world's most advanced and dangerous virus.

From /r/WritingPrompts, a story from a future where music is a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance due to its profound ability to influence human behavior. The law is very clear, but enforcement varies.

From /r/WritingPrompts, an idea that got a bit out of hand, involving an order of time-traveling monks, time loop artifacts which can neither be created or destroyed, and simple but unbreakable vows.

From /r/WritingPrompts, a short story from a soon-deleted prompt, inspired by Andrew D. Pontious' text adventure "Rematch" and the legendary chess match between Paul Morphy and the Duke of Brunswick.

From /r/HFY, a slice of life in a future where aliens and humans have made it through First Contact and share the same Internet. Includes small doses of Latin, kickball, and co-op multiplayer games.

From /r/HFY, a sci-fi story and a GKC poem. Old is the elf, and wise, men say, / His hair grows green as ours grows grey / He mocks the stars with myriad hands / High as that swinging forest stands.