Hall of Impossible Dreams

2015 Day 3: Follow cardinal directions to travel through a 2D grid with either one or two agents, and count all the grid positions visited at least once. Includes forays into structs and add-assign.

2015 Day 2: An arithmetic problem involving the dimensions of presents, wrapping paper, and bows; an easy problem made trickier by not knowing how to convert strings or how to appease borrow chekers.

2015 Day 1: The simplest problem of the year, done by complete beginners inexperienced with Rust's syntax, types, and error-handling. Features a 2000x speedup over an equivalent Mathematica program.

A collection of Mathematica programs and rhymed poetry written for Advent of Code 2020. Highlights include my new crusteacean best friend, a ballad for the Hollywood Hacker, and an awful restaurant.

A ten-minute video about the first building blocks of English poetry: the difference between stressed and unstressed syllables. Since this took 900 lines of python to make, more videos are unlikely.

A collection of Mathematica programs and rhymed poetry written for Advent of Code 2019. Highlights include running red lights, a sonnet of off-by-one errors, and fleas with little fleas to bite 'em.

From /r/HFY, a story of a quiet Montana town on a chilly night two days before Easter, and their strange guest, who made a very long journey to visit them and find out the true reason for the season.

From /r/WritingPrompts, a story of a symmetric world torn apart by a war between the right-handed and the left-handed, and the ambidexterous man (stolen from Roger Zelazny) attempting to bring peace.

From /r/WritingPrompts, a story written only because of a typo in the original prompt. The author of the prompt deleted it as soon as he saw the typo once I posted this story, and I can't blame him.

From /r/WritingPrompts, a crossover between Stargate SG-1 and the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. Written half to fulfill the prompt and half to give me an excuse to rewatch a dozen episodes of Stargate.